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Order your print or digital copy here! You will recognize good versus questionable career paths, good versus questionable educational institutions; you will gain confidence in your career decision making, and so much more.

The Book

Common Sense About the Job Market and Careers
Authored by Dr. Stanley Freeman

License To Earn is a practical non-fiction publication that informs the reader regarding – How to recognize good versus questionable career paths, How to recognize good versus questionable educational institutions, How to gain confidence in career decision making, and How to prepare for a secure career that should last a lifetime.

License To Earn reviews the reality of employment as it relates to the economy. This remarkable book provides Common Sense About the Job Market and Careers. Information is provided related to the actual goals of corporate employers and how employees are used to obtain those goals. Case histories are provided. The scope of this breakthrough publication is to be straightforward and to protect the reader from the jeopardy of unemployment.
Significant information that has not been published in book format is provided. You will learn the truth about employment statistics. Also, the reader will learn that certain employees across the country did very well at the same time the U.S. economy was going downhill during the past 10 years. And, these employees are continuing to do very well regardless of economic conditions.

The Author

Stan Freeman, Author | License To Earn
About the Author, Stanley Freeman’s working years have enabled him to observe the reality of employment from the viewpoint of the employee as well as the viewpoint of the employer. Through personal observations he reached several conclusions. These conclusions are supported by solid documentation and they will benefit you, the reader. The author’s sole objective with the publication of License To Earn is to provide…

Tips & Advice

General Tips & Advice Student Debt Is Not Forgivable – Bankruptcy will not remove a student loan obligation – it is permanent and can ruin your credit rating indefinitely. Therefore, choose an educational path where there is demand for the graduates. The expense to obtain a valuable education can be no different than the expense to obtain a worthless education. There is Active Discrimination by Businesses and Employment Agencies…